proposé à l’erg par Francesca Grilli

(ouvert à 15 étudiants - avec priorité pour les étudiants suivant le cours d’installation/performance – langue : anglais)


9, 10 et 11 décembre 2015

(+ 28 novembre aller/retour à Eindhoven pour assister à la performance de

Francesca Grilli au Van Abbemuseum)


Contents of the workshop

The workshop sets out from in-depth inquiries on performance, action in relation to the various contexts of the show: experimental theatre, music, happenings, events which define scenarios and relationships regarding the contemporary. Themes will be tackled concerning behavioural practices in relation to the performative instrument, investigating the space of the action, the position of the spectator, the rapport between resistance of the body and dilation of the action, always in connection with personal history and collective behaviour. Setting out from a theoretical introduction, the course will gradually give space and consistency to practical exercises linked to its main theme: the family, as first observation stage of our existence, where the dynamic of representation takes place spontaneously.


The theoretical topics are subdivided as follows:

- Passions and emotions in the art of the second half of the 20th century. Trauma and experience.

- Presence and absence of the body.

- History as family.

- Genealogic tree.

- The dense form of the limit, heroic actions: the father.

- Construction of the mother.


The proposed workshop has a duration of roughly 3 days in which the research of each individual student will be shown. This intensive workshop aims to be multidisciplinary and to explore experimental theatre, the visual arts and certain figures linked to independent cinema.



The exercising period will take place in one’s own home, setting out from the study and physical reproduction of historicized performative works divided into three themes:

- Putting yourself in someone’s shoes – body work inspired by Roberto Cuoghi’s performance


- Cataloguing – exercises inspired by Sophie Calle’s work The Hotel.

- Observation – exercises inspired by the documentary Grey Gardens (1975).



On the 28th November 2015, all the students will go to Van Abbemuseum in Eidhoven to attend the second performance Family, by Francesca Grilli. The workshop will start from the experience of this performance. For the students the importance of direct involvement of the body and their personal family history means great, in-depth learning. The workshop will be developed at erg but the exercises will also take place in other environments, from home to the city itself.



The workshop is concentrated on the planning of an action, to be carried out by means of different mediums but envisaging a live part on the theme of the family. The workshop aims to develop in the student the capacity to invent and plan new formats linked to représentation.


Francesca Grilli est une artiste italienne (1978) qui développe un travail de performance en associant de façon intuitive des éléments en apparence très éloignés pour créer des formes d'une force poétique immédiate. Privilégiant l’outil sonore, elle questionne les différentes formes de relations humaines, le rapport au souvenir et au quotidien, ainsi bien sûr que leur mise en espace.

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